Reports & Dissertations


Subject: Cement

Setting Time & Strength Monitoring of Alkali-Activated Cement Mixtures by Ultrasonic Testing

  Report: HTWK Leipzig 2012 - Biruk Hailu Tekle, Ludwig Hertwig, Klaus Holschemacher

Monitoring the Setting Process of Alkali-Activated Slag-Fly Ash Cements with Ultrasonic P-wave Velocity

  Report: KU Leuven 2020 - Siva Uppalapati , Lucie Vandewalle, Özlem Cizer

Controlling the Setting Profile of Gypsum Plaster

  Report: A. Hecker, Dr. R. Baumann - The Dow Chemical Company

A New Method for Assessing Calcium Aluminates Cements

  Report: F. Simonin, C. Wohrmeyer, C. Parr - Kerneos

Setting of Self-Compacting Mortar using Continuous Ultrasonic Monitoring

  Report: Bram Desmet, Sander Group, John Vantomme, Geert De Schutter, Karel Lesage, Lucie Vandewalle

Aging Behaviour of Alphabond and Calcium Aluminate Cement Bonded Castables

  Report: Dagmar Gierisch, Andreas Buhr, Jerry Dutton - Almatis GmbH / Margarete Hösler, Brunhilde Franz - RHI Urmitz AG & Co. KG

A New Temperature Independent Cement for Low and Ultra Low Cement Castables

  Report: Andreas Buhr, Dagmar Gierisch, Hans-Leo Groß, Frank Kraaijenbos, Geert Wams, Jerry Dutton - Almatis

Subject: 3D

Correlation between destructive compression tests and non-destructive ultrasonic measurements on early age 3D printed concrete

  Report: R.J.M. Wolfs, F.P. Bos, T.A.M. Salet - Eindhoven University, The Netherlands


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