UltraTestLab© – Control and Evaluation Software

  • Intuitive operating concept with a clearly arranged user interface
  • Measurement duration: 15 minutes – 31 days
  • Measurement interval: 10 seconds – 60 minutes
  • During measurement simultaneously visible:
  1. Speed in m/s or runtime in μs
  2. Curve derivation (acceleration) and curvature
  3. Temperature inside the sample (-20 ... +125 °C)
  4. Shrinkage/swelling by connection of “shrinkage grooves” (optional)
  • Comparable against reference measurements
  • Reproduction of characteristic points such as initial set and final set with graphic markers
  • Permissible deviations definable with envelopes
  • Evaluation, Excel export and printouts possible during measurement
  • Automatic logging of all measurements
  • Dynamic e-modulus calculation and display
  • Option: external temperature measurement by thermocouples (-40 ... 1820 °C)
  • Option: measurement of shrinkage/swelling by connection of ”shrinkage grooves”

Add Ons

  • Advanced Shrinkage & Expansion Measuring System: Simultaneous measurement of setting processes as well as shrinkage and expansion
  • Logistic Fitting: Software module for breaking down ultrasonic curves into several logistical sub-functions and their derivatives
  • Compressive Strength: Software-Module to determine the compressive strength from sound velocity by correlation

Advanced Shrinkage & Expansion Measuring System

UltraTestLab-Shrinkage & Expansion Measuring System

Logistic Fitting

UltraTestLab-Logistic Fitting

UltraTestLab V3 and V4 - New Features